Cernunnos Woods dark ambient atmospheric dungeon synth

Cernunnos Woods was created by Bard Algol in 1993  and is one of the earliest US acts creating primitive, dark atmospheric ritual “dungeon synth” music with a concept orientated towards druidic folklore. Unlike many modern dungeon synth bands Cernunnos Woods tracks often incorporate lyrics performed in various vocal styles to enhance the story telling and dramatic aspects of the music.

The debut demo Tears of the Weeping Willow was released in 1994, the Lost Woods demo was released in 1995 and the debut full length Awaken the Empire of Dark Wood was released in 1996 on Cruel Moon International (a side-label of Cold Meat Industry).

After many years of silence Cernunnos Woods returns with the Forest Anthology compilation of early material in preparation for a new full length release.


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